The Glen Rock Mill Inn would not be what it is without our staff. They are the heartbeat, and energy of the Mill. Our staff excels at giving each of our patrons the attention he or she deserves, and no one is more dedicated to ensuring you’re receiving an outstanding dining experience while at the Mill than Wanda Newton.
Wanda, who lives on the outskirts of Stewartstown in “farm country,” has worked in the restaurant industry in the area for the last 28 years. Her first serving job was at the Shrewsbury Family Restaurant in 1991! In 2005 she accepted a position at the Marriott in Hunt Valley before stepping into a management role at Eat & Park. It was while briefly working in management that Wanda discovered she missed the connection she felt with customers, so she decided to take a position as a server and assistant manager at the Round the Clock Diner in York.
Wanda’s journey at the Glen Rock Mill Inn started 3 and a half years ago when the former Glen Rock Mill Inn management team who knew her from Round the Clock asked her to come in and see the place–and it was love at first sight! Wanda soon started serving and bar tending nights at the Mill, before transitioning to a daytime position. Want loves working days because it offers her a more leisurely pace to better connect with patrons and the local community.
After trying to retire (for a 3rd time!) Wanda returned to the Mill in March of 2019. Her love of the Mill and its patrons make it hard for her to stay away, and these feelings have only grown since owner Brandon began implementing his vision for the restaurant. Wanda loves the new farm-to-table concept and feels the menu allows patrons an upscale dining experience with the highest quality food at affordable prices. However, what really keeps Wanda here at the Mill is the camaraderie she feels among the entire staff. After 28 years in the industry, Wanda has experienced her share of working in environments that have been less than friendly but here at the Mill Chef Larry and Brandon make it a priority to ensure the front of the house and back of house not only work well together but also treat each other like family.
When Wanda is not working at the Mill you can find her spending her free time with her two beautiful granddaughters, her children and husband. Like most people in the restaurant industry, Wanda admits it can be challenging balancing family and work, but she’s grateful that her family understands the joy her work brings her. There is one day you won’t find her at the Mil, though: Father’s Day! Wanda devotes that special day strictly to her husband because he’s such a wonderful father!
Wanda believes food makes people happy and there’s nothing she loves more than making people happy! Stop by and visit Wanda during our new breakfast service Wednesday through Saturday from 7–11 am and be sure to ask her about her granddaughters!