• 50 Water Street Glen Rock, PA 17327
  • (717) 235-5918

Meet the Owner – Brandon C. Hufnagel

Dear Friends,

I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself and offer some background regarding how I came to own and operate the Glen Rock Mill Inn this year. I was born and raised in Glen Rock and recently moved back to my family’s farm just outside of town. Glen Rock has a wonderful and historic story to tell and the Glen Rock Mill Inn is a very important part of that history for me.

The Mill was my first job at age 15. I began as a dishwasher and helped with prep work in the kitchen during the summer of 1993. The following summer I returned again and this time the restaurant “got me.” I began getting better at prep work and eventually joined the crew on the line for service. This start in my culinary career eventually led to my attending The Culinary Institute of America in 1995. I spent the next two and a half years at the Institute, completing my culinary degree with a fellowship in wines/spirits and table service as well as an associate’s degree in restaurant management.

I returned to the Mill as its General Manager, working with its owner at the time, for the next year. I later opened a restaurant in Leader Heights, and then continued on with my career working both as an executive chef, and in the front of the house, at various establishments over the next 17 years. Through the years, I worked as Director of Restaurants at the Yorktowne Hotel, Food & Beverage Director and Executive Chef at Regents’ Glen Country Club, Sales Consultant for Southern Wine and Spirits of Pennsylvania, General Manager at the Belvedere Inn, and most recently opening and working as the General Manager of Rockfish Public House in York.

I’m now looking forward to successful ownership and operation of the Glen Rock Mill Inn, as it has always held a place in my “culinary heart,” and I hope you join me on this exciting journey.

See you at the Mill!